About me, my work, and my "why"...
I love to create beauty & peace. I love to play with color. I love patterns, typography, juxtapositions, balance and auntentic artistic expression...and always have.

Born and raised in New York City, to an engineer father and and artistic mother, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design at SUNY Purchase, where I also studied printmaking, painting and photography, and developed a passion for excellence in design. To this day, I can see the synergy of structure & logic from my dad, merging with the colorful, organic & spiritual aspects from my mom.

What does this mean for you? It means I bring a unqiue creative balance and perspective to my design work.

Over the past 30 years my professional design work has encompassed branding, packaging and marketing materials for highly visible corporate clients including Office Depot, Motorola, Iomega, Altec Lansing and Norelco, among others.

I am comfortable in all phases of a project; from developing strategy and design concepts to copy writing, art direction and project management. The hallmark of my work is my inate ability to decipher information, listen to your needs and capture the essence of your business objectives through effective design and gorgeous graphics. I combine my talents as a visionary artist with my skills as a technically savvy, hands-on Mac designer for a multi-faceted approach to my work.

A little back story...
For over a dozen years I worked at Macey Noyes Associates, a nationally known design & marketing firm in Wilton, CT., first as a Senior Designer and later as a Creative Director. My award-winning graphic design work from that time was published in several design publications including Graphis, Print and Digital Vision magazines.

But, in my heart, I also felt like my work was not aligned with my values...so, in 2005, I decided to explore fresh creative horizons, starting my own firm, Fish Cat Design. Since that time I have never looked back... recently designing and building my dream work space; a soaring art studio that serves as a welcoming and inspiring place for all that walk across the threshold.

Along with my husband, Gary Owens, I have also created Lighthouse Maps, a flourishing publishing business that prints over a million tourist information maps a year for towns in Connecticut, as well as an extensive website to support visitors and advertisers alike. (www.lighthousemaps.com)

Additionally, I'm is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and co-owner of YogaSpace, a popular yoga studio in Bethel, CT, where I joyfully offer yoga, stress reduction and expressive movement classes to my local community (www.yogaspace-ct.com).

What I know to be true

I recognize that my yoga feeds my creative life and my creative life feeds my yoga. When it comes down to it, I know this to be true: I manifest Spirit Into Form through my visual creations, and I Access Spirit Through Form through the practice of yoga. A perfect yin-yang. Cool, huh?

I also know that when I help other soulful business owners align their graphics with their true essence and magnetize the perfect clients, that the ripple effect of that pleases me to no end!

Why the name "Fish Cat"?

OK, so the truth is that Fish Cat started out as a nickname – something about purring when I'm immersed in the ocean.

At the time that I was considering starting my own company, I wrestled with what to call it. "Gloria Owens Design" or something equally self-important and expected (yawn) seemed preposterous. My intention was not to perpetuate the corporate, buttoned-up branding world that I had worked in for years. Been there, done that...in fact, I did it rather well.

Rather, I was convinced (and I still am) that work can be more fun – more aligned with my passion and true gifts. I have experienced first hand how creativity thrives when my most authentic self can come out and play. When I can pump up the music in my studio and dance. When I can dream and scheme and let graphic solutions germinate in a non-judgemental environment. When clients come into an open-minded space with me, so that our co-creation is an engaging, quirky, colorful and ultimately super-creative!

So Fish Cat Design stuck, and I'm glad it did... despite the fact that folks sometimes mistake the name for Cat Fish (which I prefer Cajun style).

So whether your next project is serious or sweet, sultry or stunning, soothing or serendipitous, it is my distinct pleasure to dive in and capture the essence of what you want (and perhaps what you didn't even know you needed). Because when your swimming pool is the ocean, anything is possible!

Glo at Meta Center NYC
Gloria at The Meta Center in NYC,
surrounded by her visionary artwork.

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